Nokia N73 vs. Nokia N82

Published: 05th September 2008
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At first glance, both the Nokia N73 and Nokia N82 seem pretty similar phones. Admittedly with different designs, but their sizes are about the same, with the Nokia N73 being slightly longer, and the Nokia N82 being slightly thicker. Nothing noticeable to be honest, just a few millimetres here and there that only really putting the two side by side would allow anyone to notice. Still, ever millimetre counts, yet in this case seeing as they are both either shorter or thinner it is hard to say which millimetre counts more.

Throughout this entire comparison of Nokia N73 vs. Nokia N82, it should be remembered that the Nokia N82 is much more recent, and therefore, no surprise, would end up the clear winner in most regards.

Feature Comparison: Nokia N73 vs. Nokia N82

With roughly the same sized screen and the exact same resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, the main difference between the displays of the Nokia N73 and Nokia N82 lie in their colours. Where the Nokia N73 only offers 262,144 colours, the Nokia N82 on the other hand totally trumps this with a visually stunning 16.7 million colours. Clear winner is the Nokia N82.

Also, the cameras available to both these models differ considerably. Again, the Nokia N82 seems to be considerably ahead with a 5.0 megapixel camera that comes complete with all the trimmings of autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, xenon flash, and so on. Unfortunately, the Nokia N73 cannot match this, although it does weigh in quite reasonably with a 3.2 megapixel resolution, and some of the above features. Still, it can't match the raw power (in resolution) of the Nokia N82's camera.

In storage capabilities, both offer microSD support, which is great, however the Nokia N82 has acres more of internal storage. At 100 MB against the Nokia N73's 42 MB, it lines up with over twice the storage. Being able to store that much more offers a huge advantage to the Nokia N82 users, but it is not crippling for the Nokia N73 due to the fact that the majority of storage on both mobile phones would, realistically, come from the microSD cards.

Once again, taking connectivity into account, the Nokia N82 comes out on top. While the Nokia N73 does offer a variety of connectivity options, from USB and Bluetooth to infrared, the Nokia N82 offers all that as well as WLAN and HSPDA options. Both of the latter are very much superior and much more 'high end'.

Obviously, the Nokia N82 is a hand and foot ahead of the Nokia N73, in the Nokia N73 vs. Nokia N82 comparison; however it also costs much more, being newer. About 150 dollars separate the two models, and certainly that seems about right in terms of the comparison. In short, the Nokia N73 is definitely inferior to the Nokia N82 but in the bigger picture it is still a solid and very feature packed mobile phone that, if price is an issue, may be the better option as it offers about the same value for money that the N82 does.

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